Monday, 15 August 2011


Matthew 25: 14 - 30

God spoke to me yesterday about a really important thing: Investment.

When we think investment we often think money. We think about how we can invest our money. What should we invest our money in? How can we make the most of our money? We may think how we can invest our money to make more money. We many think how we can invest our money into good causes like charities. Those of us who believe in God may think ‘How can I use my money for God’s Kingdom?’ – how can I use it to show God’s goodness to this world?

Investment isn’t just money though. We also think about our time. How can I best invest my time. How should I best use my time. Invest my time into a good cause. Invest my time to be the most productive.
Investment can relate to money. It can relate to time. But actually investment is a lot more than that. Investment covers your whole life. I want to ask what are you investing your life into? For me I’ve decided to invest into God’s Kingdom and because of that I don’t want to waste my life on other things. I want to invest fully at all times, in all seasons. We don’t suddenly take all our money out of our investment accounts because we’re having a rough patch so why should I with God?

God spoke to me in a big way about prayer. Prayer is an investment. What you are praying into is what you are investing into. What you’re praying into is important. The people you’re praying for, the situations you’re praying, they are what you’re investing into. So make sure it’s worthwhile! Make sure you’re what you’re praying for is the important stuff. When we pray we expect it to happen. When we invest we expect a return. So when that return comes in make sure it’s the stuff that’s really important. Your time and prayer is important so don’t waste it.

We’ve only got so much time here on this Earth but while we’re here we want to make a big difference. Let’s make sure we’re investing well into the things that are important so when they come off, they have a big impact.

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